How to Maximise Your Self Storage Space!

Is there a right or a wrong way to store your possessions in a self-storage facility! Well yes, to maximise your space you need to plan ahead, don’t simply unload the car / van without a thought!

Firstly, organise the packing of your possessions, use a colour code system for different rooms or family members.

Utilise plastic containers where possible, label, label and label some more! Once you have organised your possessions the next step is to organise your trip or trips to your self-storage facility, unload your car /van as you intend to store your items in the unit.

How to maximise your storage space - Roscommon Self Storage

Start with the heavier objects such as furniture, place these to the back of the unit, preferably stored on each side and to the rear of the unit.

Avail of shelving where possible, ensure heavier boxes are not stored on floor level as this might pose a risk or injury when lifting. The following checklist will help you to maximise every square inch of self-storage space, allow for ease of access and avoid injury.

Maximising your self-storage space

  • Clearly label boxes, label on several sides so you can find contents easily
  • Place boxes / items you need to access regularly to the front of your storage unit
  • Fragile items to be stored of floor level
  • Avail of shelving whether possible
  • Devise a colour code system for different rooms or family members
  • Use clear plastic containers where possible, this allows you to easily identify your possessions
  • Distribute heavier items among several boxes / containers, this will help with stacking & lifting
  • Store heavier items at hip level to avoid crouching down to lift or reaching up to get a box
  • Don’t over stack boxes
  • Clear access paths, leave enough space to move around the storage unit, and enough space to gain access to your possessions
  • Store larger items to the back of the unit, preferably to each side
  • Keep all assembly components such as screws and bolts in a clear plastic sandwich bag, label and tape to the item of furniture
  • Get more tape than you need!

If you need help moving your possessions to our self-storage facility, we can recommend a reputable van rental company, call us on 087 975 4474